This consulting project we worked closely with Cliff Freeman & Partners, a small but tenacious advertising group in New York. The project for their client Quiznos, a high quality sandwich chain restaurant, consisted of efforts to redefine the visual perception of their brand. Our role was to explore solutions and style to allow the visual quality to match the gourmet quality of their line of sandwiches, salads, and other foods.
We started by analyzing what we found to be the brand's biggest problem, a multitude of type styles used. In the image above, we illustrate the many styles they used across all their visual media, establishing a messy standard that resembled bits of lower quality brands.
After a few rounds of exploration and refinement, we designed and settled on a type system that was more flexible than their previous one. Clarifying a more distinct brand, this type mixture offers both a refreshing style and legibility in the many visual medias it will live in.
Along with cleaner more elegant photography direction, the type system we designed is then continually applied to printed materials, in store signage, fsi's, coupons and more. The redesign pays more respect to the quality of the brand's image and philosophy.
Last but not least, the type system we designed is then translated and used on national television commercials to promote their sandwiches with their new look, and rewritten tagline. To top it off we also designed and refined the last frame (with logo and tagline) which would then be used in all Quiznos commercials in the series created by Cliff Fremn & Partners.

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