Federal Pumps is one of America's oldest industrial water and sewage pump companies. They were established in 1927 and are still in full operation today. The challenge was to create an identity that symbolizes the companies history as well as the pumps they manufacture, while preserving their iconic "F" from their prior logo identity design.

The next stage in the rebranding the pump company included developing a database whereby the companies extensive catalog of pumps and detailed information could be contained, as well as a graphic interface to allow visitors to easily view their vast selection.
Following the development of their database driven web site, individual pump brochures are developed to match the look and feel of their brand, giving engineers a printed resource. Collectively, all information contained in each brochure will allow for the creation of a single printed pump catalog.
Close up of custom bullet and numbering details in brochures and print. We programmed and designed these to build off existing identity and establish a modern technical brand look.
In addition to the logo designed for the classic pump company brand, we also designed a retro logo, based on their historic main headquarters building. It represents the parent company which operates both the manufacturing and repair of their pumps.